Wayback Wednesday: Of course not

But someone did.

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User calls pilot fish and complains, “My PC won’t work for any network applications.”
What happens when you try? fish asks.

“Nothing!” user says. “I just get something like a ‘Network not found’ error.”

Is this affecting anyone else over there? fish asks.

“Nope, just me,” replies user.

Can you try a couple of things for me?

“No, not really. I’m not at my PC and calling from another desk.”


“I just changed cubicles and my phone doesn’t work yet.”

So fish makes the trek to the user’s cube. After a quick inspection of the PC and its connections, he turns to the user. Who reconnected your PC? he asks.

“I did,” says user.

Um, the cable from the PC is connected to the phone jack, and the phone line is connected to the LAN jack.

“Well, I didn’t do that!’’”


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