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imac g4

All eyes on looming iMac redesign

Will the next iMac design show the future of Apple hardware design, after Jony Ive?

apple square one

Apple Park will have to change

Can a building designed for collaboration become a safe place in a pandemic?

iPhone SE, Pixel 4a

The problem with the 'iPhone SE killed the Pixel 4a' argument

Don't start the funeral for Google's latest midranger yet.

iphone se 2020

Why Apple’s iPhone SE is this season’s smartphone

It's slightly more affordable, delivers a long life span and has the best available mobile processor -- plus, it's easy to use with your mask on.

covid 19 coronavirus network technology cc0 by geralt pixabay 2400x1600

Apple Design Award winner launches iPhone app to improve COVID-19 testing

An iPhone-based testing solution could seriously reduce the exposure to risk at testing centers and make the overall process much faster.

tim cook sep10 event

Apple’s tried and tested approach to crisis: Innovate

Stay focused, keep investing, stay optimistic and take care.

Google-Apple Contact Tracing

6 make-or-break questions about Google and Apple's COVID-tracking tech

Nearly a week after an unlikely tech team-up, some critical questions remain.

SMS phishing / smishing  >  Mobile phone displays text bubble with skull + crossbones

How to protect against 'Apple' phishing scams

Checkpoint Research says criminals are exploiting the COVID-19 crisis with a wave of phishing scams designed to look like real messages from Apple.

Apple iPhone SE

Apple announces 4.7-in. $399 iPhone SE

The second-generation iPhone SE is available in black, white, and red. Pre-orders begin at 8 a.m. EDT on Friday, April 17.

apple mobility maps data

Apple publishes Maps mobility data to aid COVID-19 struggle

Apple's deeply interesting mobility data shows how the public's walking, driving and public transit use has changed in recent weeks as the pandemic spread.

homepod back white

Does Apple's recent HomePod OS set the scene for WWDC?

Apple's decision to run HomePod on a version of tvOS hints at the evolution of a homeOS.

apple google logos

Everything we know about the Google/Apple COVID-19 contact tracing tech

Here's how it works, what it does, why it matters and links to further information.

colored 3d printing filaments

3D printing signs up to fight COVID-19

Hobbyists, small shops, places of education, government and big manufacturers are using 3D printing to help fight coronavirus.

apple maps new

Apple improves Maps search to boost pandemic response

Ask not what your business can do for you — ask what your business can do for your community.

Businessman chasing a dangling carrot.

How to stay motivated when you work from home

Here are a few solutions that may help you push through stress-related fatigue to get things done on time.

mobile collaboration - teamwork - social tools

12 Zoom alternatives for secure video collaboration

If your enterprise demands a more secure video collaboration system than Zoom, take a look at these.

retro tv television static bad reception wallpaper

Amazon and Apple TV deal shows how to solve business conflicts

Communication and compromise are essential for any business facing difficult challenges.

high angle view of group of spectators sitting in a movie theater wearing 3 d glasses 79072701

Apple’s AR plans are becoming a little easier to see

Apple is accelerating development of platforms and partnerships as it presses forward with its augmented reality plans.

nodus iphone 9 access case iii

Apple may introduce iPhone 9 very soon

A flurry of case designs and retail channels suggest iPhone news is imminent, even in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

zoom everyone 4

7 Zoom tips for working from home

Don't forget the always-useful, eternally tidy room trick….

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