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Computerworld  |  Shark Tank
Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Wayback Wednesday: Data safeguarding, by the professionals

And you had done such a good job.

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

But water has always been our friend!

And we really trust manhole covers.

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Memory-Lane Monday: Maybe if he knew the name of the file, he wouldn’t have deleted it

Sometimes you’ve just got to keep asking users questions.

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Flashback Friday: If only he had known it was impossible

We’d still be doing it the hard way?

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Not a vote of confidence

But there’s always a bright side.

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Throwback Thursday: Well, he DID figure it out by himself

Dawn breaks.

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Sufferin’ succotash!

That’s not all, folks.

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Wayback Wednesday: New year, same old users

Would hairspray have been better?

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Memory-Lane Monday: Sometimes these things just slip our minds

Flies, honey, vinegar.

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Sometimes you win one

The old run-around pays off.

cloud network blockchain bitcoin storage

Blockchain-based storage service takes on Amazon AWS, unveils pricing

A decentralized storage service that rents capacity from users around the globe is among a small cadre of vendors claiming their capacity is cheaper and more resilient than big players such as Amazon S3.

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Gone but not forgotten

The real reason the dot-com bubble burst?

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Peace of mind (but nothing else)

Black boxes rarely bear good news.

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Time-Machine Tuesday: Keepsakes

Wait, how long have office printers been a thing?

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Yeah, that sounds right

And yeah, something is definitely defective.

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

The power of the beep-beep-beep

If the UPS had been smaller, she might have thrown it out a window.

cwan 018 thumb2

What is sharding? It's one way blockchain can scale

Sharding is one of several methods being tested by start-ups, developers and current blockchain platforms to see if it can help developers finally address blockchain's scalability problem.

crypto currency hand holding phone iwth bitcoin digital wallet bitcoin blockchain

What's a crypto wallet (and how does it manage digital currency)?

Cryptocurrency wallets store secret keys used to digitally sign transactions for blockchain distributed ledgers, but their future goes far beyond being just a keeper of cryptocurrencies. They could one day represent your professional...

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