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White Paper | Presented by SelectHub

Best Cloud ERP Systems: Top 10 Picks & Vendor Checklist

The functionality and flexibility of cloud-based ERP are driving adoption rates which now outpace on-premise ERP systems--even for large organizations. Get this report for analysis of our top 10 cloud ERP pick--and use the included checklist of key ERP features to help you evaluate potential solutions for your company.

White Paper | Presented by Vizuri

The Handbook to Evaluating OpenShift for Your Business

Two technologies have become industry standards in driving digital transformation: Containers and Kubernetes.

Cloud-Delivered Security: Network Detection and Response

Join this webinar to see how NDR can provide you with real time, retrospective and predictive visibility, detection and response to threats. This cloud-delivered platform provides advanced network forensics, superior threat detection, integrated workflows, and advanced visualization.

White Paper | Presented by Lenovo

Lenovo Client Virtualization Solutions for Scale Computing

End-user computing support and management can be one of the most time and resource intensive IT responsibilities in the modern digital age. As the world becomes ever more reliant on technology for innovation and productivity, information workers in all fields and industries find themselves using desktops, laptops, and various handheld computing systems to accomplish many of their tasks, often from remote locations or while mobile.

White Paper | Presented by Trasers

Beyond Cost Savings: Cloud as an Accelerator of Digital Disruptions

There is no time to debate how and why organizations are being challenged competitively, that time has passed. Organizations must now figure out how to put an end to, or at least slow down disruptors within their industry.

White Paper | Presented by Trasers

Business and IT Alignment: How Smart CIOs lead Digital Transformations

In this article you will receive a 5-step playbook on how to address this business—IT disconnect, learn about the #1 reason of failure of digital transformations, and understand why nearly 30% of companies will not survive in the next decade.

White Paper | Presented by Trasers

From Applications IT to Digital IT – What does the Transition Take?

Digital transition takes agility, seamless integration and digital transformation of projects. Those requirements are what’s keeping IT leaders up all night. The goals include accepting substantial efforts when transitioning home-grown applications built for a specific task and moving to an application that can be configured for multiple tasks and goals easily and in real-time.

White Paper | Presented by Trasers

How Secure is your Digital Transformation?

The biggest and greatest companies in the country are now being attacked on a regular basis. When IT teams are given budget and the green light to upgrade and secure their corporate infrastructures, the clock gets reset and the next attack vector begins. The hacker will find their way in, it’s just a matter of how and when. That’s the reality today, so what about tomorrow?

White Paper | Presented by Trasers

Setting an Analytics-Powered Transformation Agenda

In this article read about what it means to evolve from Enterprise Data to Ecosystem Data, what is needed to drive Ecosystem Analytics and what are IT leaders using to develop their corporate and digital transformation strategies.

White Paper | Presented by Trasers

The 5 Attributes of R&D Leaders Who Drive Digital Transformations

In this article, The 5 Attributes of R&D Leaders Who Drive Digital Transformation, understand the real definition of digital transformation from the R&D perspective, how telematics and analytics help build powerful transformation strategies and why role-based training is key for success R&D transformations.

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