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White Paper | Presented by Panduit Corp.

Fortune 500 Financial Data Services Company

Driven to continue to push new business innovations, a leading Fortune 500 Financial Data Services.

White Paper | Presented by Panduit Corp.

Three Key Trends Driving Financial Services IT Transformation

Learn about three key trends driving financial IT transformation in the data center.

Cream Digital: On the Bleeding-Edge of VR Production

The VR industry and the technology pushing it forward are rapidly expanding in today’s age. It is an exciting time for companies like Cream, an the award-winning television and VR production company, pioneering a new road in 3D model creation. However, as the industry grows, its technology quickly becomes obsolete. It is tough for some VR companies to keep up, but Cream is able to stay at the bleeding edge of the VR industry with their talented team and top of the line, flexible setup. Download this whitepaper from Dell and Nvidia to learn more.

Deliver pre-configured systems to end users faster with Dell Provisioning for VMware Workspace ONE

How long would it take your IT team to get a batch of five fully provisioned laptops into the hands of your employees? What about a hundred laptops? A thousand? Depending on the size of your order, the time it takes to manually configure these devices, combined with shipping logistics, could mean days or weeks of delays for your end user. Download this white paper from Dell and Intel® to learn more.

Enhancing Your Employee Experience to Drive Business Success

A positive employee experience is critical to a successful business. We live in a world where finding excellent employees is more difficult than ever and retaining them is essential to success. Management must show its commitment to providing employees with a positive experience. As Greg Harris, CEO of Quantum Workplace stated, “Engaging the hearts, minds, and hands of talent is the most sustainable source of competitive advantage.” Download this whitepaper from Dell and Intel to learn more.

Future of Work: Embracing New Dynamics Creating New Experiences

This IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Dell, presents key findings from a global survey that examines the future of work (FOW) trends and their impact on monitors. The survey included over 300 IT and business decision makers, as well as more than 1,200 employees who use monitors for work across the US, the UK and China markets. The findings present stark differences in opinion of both decision makers and employees around expectations of their work, health and safety; as well as their motivations at work and technology priorities.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Druva & AWS

How a Global Nueroscience Research Institute Protects 80TB of Critical Data on the Cloud

Watch this webinar to learn how QBI was able to manage critical tasks using an automated cloud-based backup solution, manage critical tasks using an automated cloud-based backup solution, and deliver a comprehensive data protection solution across endpoints, data centers, and cloud workloads without managing additional hardware

Make Employee Experience the North Star of Your Workforce Technology Agenda

In February 2019, Dell commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the relationship between EX and enterprise computing. Forrester conducted an online survey with 3,052 information workers across the globe to explore: 1) how employees perceive IT; 2) how well IT provides tools/devices, environment, and support; and 3) how they view their overall employee experience. Download this whitepaper from Dell and Intel® to learn more.

Productivity Study: ANSYS Mechanical

Simulation-led design offers many benefits to design engineering teams: Time and cost savings via less physical product testing, the ability to quickly determine the best initial designs to develop and the freedom to digitally experiment with innovative “what-if” scenarios are chief among them.

The Shortest Distance to Workforce Transformation

This white paper explores Dell Technologies Unified Workspace, Dell’s answer to the call for workforce transformation, and the industry’s most comprehensive solution to deploy, secure, manage, and support your user devices.

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