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White Paper | Presented by LogMeIn

IT Buyer’s Guide to Great UCC

In today’s competitive business environment, a good Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solution is not enough. Learn how adoption of great UCC has the potential to transform the way business is conducted.

White Paper | Presented by LogMeIn

Multiple Collaboration Solutions Cost You Time, Money and More

Whether you’re in a mid-sized company or a Fortune 500 enterprise, your employees likely rely on a variety of collaboration tools throughout the day.

SLA Management: Best Practices

In this webinar, performance experts from IBM, Ensighten, Autodesk, and Catchpoint share strategies for managing service level agreements (SLAs).

Driving Business with Machine Learning & Human Insight: A Guide to Predictive Analytics

How can you empower your business to augment historical data with real-time insights? Predictive analytics is a key milestone on the analytics journey. It’s a point of confluence where classical statistical analysis techniques meet the new world of artificial intelligence (AI).

White Paper | Presented by Smarsh

Best Practices for Stopping Risk in Its Tracks

In times of rapid technological growth and expansion in communications tools, it pays to stay ahead of the latest developments. Utilizing cutting-edge communications tools will allow your organization to reach as broad an audience as possible, but you’ll also need to be prepared to deal with any potential risk a new tool might present.

White Paper | Presented by GitHub

Seven DevOps tips for faster app development

DevOps is about speed: faster application development, faster updates and continuous development, and faster shipments, all of which lead to shortened systems development lifecycles. Recent research shows that high-performing DevOps teams recover from downtime 96 times faster, have a five times lower change failure rate, and deploy code 46 times more frequently. In short, successful DevOps teams can deploy code and recover in a matter of hours, not weeks.

eBook | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

Driving Radical Customer Service Innovation. Move beyond operational demands to deliver proactive strategies that drive business growth

Move beyond operational demands to deliver proactive strategies that drive business growth.

eBook | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

The Road to Transforming the Customer Service Experience: Investing in Great Outcomes for Employees and Customers

If you’re thinking about transforming your organization, this ebook can be your guide.

White Paper | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

Make Journey Mapping Your Secret to Outstanding Customer Service

So, how can you best assess the quality of your customer experience and identify areas for improvement? Start by understanding their journey.

eBook | Presented by Atlassian

5 stages of incident management and how to improve them

Simply put, effective incident management is an essential part of all enterprise business systems. Why? Because as tech tools and workflows become increasingly complex and interconnected, systems become increasingly vulnerable to unplanned downtime.

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