Advancing to the Next Generation of Data Management Services

As Clive Humby famously said, “data is the new oil”.  And for firms that are serious about digital transformation, effective management of data is essential to success.  This webinar is focused on next-generation data management tools and processes.  It will provide information, survey data, and the steps your organization can take to move forward effectively.  IT needs to be able to support change with more agile use of data.  As organizations evolve, digital data is now the “lifeblood” of operations.  The ability to support new, diverse, and changing business processes demand data management services that simplify delivering the data and provide the agility to use data from anywhere or any app.

Our event will provide you with the latest information from industry experts and leading vendors to inform you and provide the details necessary to build a plan that will support your journey forward.

Join our webinar as experts Stewart Bond, IDC Research Director and Naveen Kamat, Director of Data & AI Services at Kyndryl discuss the limitations of existing data management technologies and ways to unlock the full potential of data and AI.

Kyndryl is currently a wholly-owned subsidiary of International Business Machines Corporation with the intent that Kyndryl will be spun-out.